Do Something

Tim Challies once again showed why he’s the Madonna (read: good, prolific, and dead sexy) of blogging with this post about how enjoying getting outraged online is ultimately self-centered and self-gratifying.

One thing he said really hit home with me. He referred to something psychologists call the ‘narcotizing dysfunction,’ which Challies explains as the belief that chattering and thinking about something is the same as doing something about it. Take that, you people that live in the interwebs. Your Facebook likes will not cure cancer, your rants will not fix society, your blog posts aren’t a substitute for actually doing something.

All too often our knowledge of something becomes a cloak our inactivity. What was it James the brother of Jesus said? Faith without letting people know how you feel about it is dead? No, that’s not it. Faith without a strongly worded Facebook post meriting at least 50 likes is dead? Nope. Faith without works is dead.

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