A TRUE Critique of an Idiot

I typically don’t like to critique other Christians, but the guy that wrote this article is an idiot. Well I’m better at it than I thought. I mean it in the nicest Christian way possible. Shall we count the ways?
  1. It’s a guest post, but we should be leery of anyone or anything that identifies themselves as the TRUE anything. True Discipleship is a pretty bold claim and carries with it the idea that they do everything right while everyone else does everything wrong.
  2. If you’re going to write a piece that criticizes somebody you should attach your name to it. Otherwise, you are acting very cowardly. I didn’t see this guy/gal’s name anywhere. For the record, my name is Dustin Lair–but you can call me Rural D.
  3. S/he begins the article with verses from Proverbs, only never actually shows what they have to do with the subject. It’s probably a Baptist pastor. (I only joke.) (Kind of.)
  4. “According to the Word of God the Christian hip hop movement is an enemy to God.” That is quite the claim, especially if you’re not going to show us where.
  5. “Hip hop is of the world.” Fool be trippin’.
  6. “Crossover church is now airing ads on MTV and BET for their church services!” Kind of reeks of “Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?”
  7. “‘But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation.” (1 Peter 1:15).’ You can’t turn something worldly like hip hop into something holy like Peter is talking about.” Sounds to me like you can be holy in all manners of conversation. I’m probably wrong.
  8. “Pastor Tommy gives sermons dressed like a gang banging thug thus teaching a lost generation of young people that they can have Christ without rejecting their identity of this sick world.” Don’t ignore the insult, but let’s move on to what he said next. This is what is so damnable about false/bad teaching: it’s more than the words you say, it’s what you mean by the words you say. I believe if you follow Christ, you should certainly forsake worldliness. I also believe there’s a distinct difference in being a part of the world from being worldly.
  9. “I am sure that Judas said the same things to people when he was with the disciples.” Okay, since you’re sure that Judas and Pastor Tommy say the same things I guess I’ll believe you.
I skipped over some doozies, including the charges against Rick Warren, for the sake of time and space. Be sure to take a look. I’ll finish with this one: “Nelly: Do a search on this artists songs and MTV videos if you are not familiar with rap music.” Obviously Nelly is all we really need to know about rap music.
Like rap music, hate rap music–I don’t really care. I love it; I’m Rural D, after all. If you’re going to use the Bible, use it well. I for one am thankful that God is using this medium to reach people. To God be the glory.
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