Walking in Memphis

As I walked down Beale Street last night in Memphis, I got to thinking.  So often Christians are known by what they don’t do.  They might not drink, smoke, or swear.  I don’t drink or smoke, but let a few words slip every now and then.  However, is that what the bible means by being set apart, saying no to a bunch of things.  Is that all it takes to be a light in the world?  James tells us for the man that knows to do good and doesn’t do it, it is sin.  Avoiding evil isn’t enough, we must do good.  We must flee unrighteousness and pursue Godliness.

Ephesians 5:18 tells us: Be not drunk with wine, in which is excess, but be filled with the spirit.  There’s something to avoid in that verse, but there’s also something to do.  Billy Graham argues that not being filled with the spirit is a far greater sin than being drunk.  How come we think that not being drunk is enough?  As Christians, we must at least consider what being filled with the spirit looks like.  Even more than that, we are commanded to be filled with the spirit continually.  I pray that we’re not identified by simply avoiding darkness, but by shining as lights in this world. 
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